African Packaging and Water Solutions Pty Ltd

African Packaging and Water Solutions (Pty) Ltd (APWS), a Company situated in the Sebenza, Edenvale area on the East Rand of Gauteng is the leading supplier of quality bubble insulation, packaging and pool solar blanket products.

Our unique formulations for South African conditions and CSIR tested products guarantee locally made quality.

Paper-Like and Anti-Static, formulations, laminations and print specific designs are available in 6mm, 10mm and 18mm bubble or 10mm dome shaped bubble, all formulations designed by SA Chemical Engineers.

African Packaging's domed pool cover material, is the most advanced, durable and UV stabilised produced with the latest equipment recently brought into Southern Africa by the Company and backed with our non-matched 5-year diminishing warranty! Our formulation gives extended life and the unique shape gives a more uniform thickness, preventing premature deterioration of the bubble top as found in other shaped bubble pool covers.

Water restriction problems? Evaporation a problem? Using too many pool chemicals? Don't forget wind is a bigger cause of evaporation than sun. Bubble covers also save on chemicals, increase the pool temperature and keep dust and dirt out of your pool. APWS's unique domed pool cover material is durable and UV stabilished, formulated for South African conditions and made right here in SA! The only superior locally made pool cover material guaranteed. Would you risk imported material not designed for our climate?

African Packaging and Water Solutions' new diamond and tri-cell bubble shapes available for specialty protection applications.

Watch out for a South African first! An all-in-one solar bubble pool blanket that is also a safety cover. Soon to be launched.